The console wars battlegrounds are about to become a lot more crowded


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Yea, what TSF said, i have something to add. Uninstall all the drivers and settings from your headset completely. Now restart your computer. plug you headset in and you should see a ballon tip at the bottom of the screen telling you a device has been found. if so click on it and a install wizard should come up, if not go to control panel, and add hardware wizard, tell you computer you have already connected the device and you should see it appear, if so then place the driver cd in and press next, after it has finished try restarting.

If you are having no joy check that the drivers cd is not scratched, you may find certain sections are missing from the cd etc. so check that.

If this doesnt help then try downloading the headset drivers off the net, or contacting logitech with your details and getting them to send you a replacement cd.

If all else fails, try checking your usb socket and making sure it matches the speed of the usb device (headset), you may find changing the usb socket may help you, so give that a go.

Maybe even try installing the device on another pc seeing if that works. if it does then you know you have a problem with your computer.

When did it mess up? hve you tryed a system restore? how did you get the usb audio drivers if you didnt have a drivers cd to sol republic headphones install it with?? Do you have sound on your computer? if the headset is usb then what do you do differently on your laptop to your pc when installing the headset? it sounds like you have an issue with your headset last known configuration of the headset. My best bet is to delete everything from all the install categorys and try again (C:/Program Files/Logitech/) and if no joy try a system restore to when you last had it working (its the easy way out but its a good way to get the drivers to kick back in, after being in active)

Another alternative could be if you search the internet for drivers using that yellow point. or try switching the usb ports after uninstalling or disconnecting the device and trying to install it again.

Hey, I ran across this post while googling the same issue. I signed up just to clear up a point on what's going on. Simply XP has a default USB driver and USB audio driver that a lot of plug in play devices depend on. I'm not sure why, but I do remember doing a fresh install of windows were everything worked fine and it wasn't until after i did some updates the drivers seem to be missing. Unfortunately I didn't have system sol republic tracks hd restore turned on so I can't roll back. So now my issue for some of my hardware is that it's looking for the windows default USB audio driver but can't find it.

With that said, since i'm in the same conundrum, the question is: How can I restore windows default usb drivers? I have the disks, just not sure what to do with them.=)

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